Java Tutorial for Beginners


What is Java?

Java is an object-oriented language developed by Sun systems. Originally, it was developed for microprocessor-empowered devices such as cable TV switchboxes, but it has expanded and developed into an industrial-strength programming language.

It is especially useful in networked and internet-based environments. However, it should not be confused with JavaScript, which is a scripting language for Web browsers.

Java is very similar in syntax to C, but tends to be more robust and simpler to use. It is easy to port from one machine to another, since it uses byte code - a semi-compiled object code easily translatable to machine code. This means that the byte code runner - or Java Virtual Machine - must be installed on the computer that is to run the Java program.

The Java language provides a wealth of classes, or blueprints, from which programs can be built. Class libraries exist for almost every type of programming problem. Available libraries include GUI-based systems, client-server networking solutions, mathematics, graphics, Internet server pages and many more.